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.....the ideal guide for fisherman, diver and people are interesting about the different types of fish arround our world.
At this moment the fish almanac has more than 230 different types of fish and a couple of other underwater creatures.
select from menu directly the attribute of the fish you looking for and find easy the name and the specific informations.
You can select between: freshwater, saltwater, dangerous, day&night active, aquaristic, rays&shark, dolphins&whales.
or by location like: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, North&East Sea, South China Sea, Gulf of Thailand and Andamanen.

"New" in the fish almanac now are tours like an ebook, where you can read everything about the location and "more" cool stuff, where fish is seen or taken. At this moment there is one tour from "Laos"available and next one from Teneriffa will be follow soon.
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Fishing in Laos 15. November 2017

fishing laos Vang Vieng (lao: ວັງວຽງ) is a small growing Village in Southeast Asia Laos. Its located 100km northern from the capital Vientienne. It's a mountain surrounded place with a beautiful nature, close to the jungle with a lot of small rivers and lakes.

The main river there is called "nam song" or "nam xong". Its surrounded by striking karst rock formations.It is a popular tourist destination as many people enjoy seeing the Laotian countryside while going down the river in the inner tube of a tractor tyre or in a kayak. map laos In the Raintime the water can be very high and the water stream becames very strong. In the middle up to end of the raintime is the best time to fish there. Now the water is high and the stream bring a lot of fish from the northern part of laos. Good location are quite places near the shore. Accommodation and food is generelly in Vang Vieng very cheap, private rooms are possible for arround 7-9$. Fishing Equipment its better to bring with you because in laos specialy in Vang Vieng its hard to buy anything. One Shop you can find on the mainroad in the center its a sportshop with mostly equipment for soccer but him have also little bit fishing stuff. The other one its close to the northern bus station outside the center arround 3km. Its located on the mainroad a little bit before the bus station. This shop is a toolshop but have everything what is needed(December 2017).
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